Dependency Management

Section • 3 episodes • 1 hr 52 min

We can now perform effects in the Composable Architecture and we can even test how those effects interact with the system. However, the way in which we give the effects the dependencies they need to do their job is not ideal. Turns out we can bake the notion of dependencies directly into the architecture, and this opens up whole new worlds of possibilities.

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The way we model dependencies in the Composable Architecture is heavily inspired by the dependencies approached we covered in the early episodes of Point-Free. These episodes demonstrate a lightweight way of modeling dependencies that eschews protocols in favor of simple data types, and shows that testing and mocking becomes much easier.

Dependency Injection Made Easy
35 min
Dependency Injection Made Comfortable
28 min

Where to go from here

Next we explore adaptation of the Composable Architecture, which is the act of allowing a single unit of business logic power multiple use cases and multiple platforms. This comes with lots of benefits, and helps unlock new capabilities of the architecture.