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Quality video content dissecting some of the most important topics in functional programming. Each episode is transcribed for easy searching and reference, and comes with a fully-functioning Swift playground so that you can experiment with the concepts discussed.

What kind of topics will you cover?

We will of course cover all of the classic topics such as functors, monads and applicatives (oh my!), but more broadly we will be focusing on some very general themes. Here’s just a small sample of some of the things we’re excited to talk about

  • Pure functions and side effects
  • Code reuse through function composition
  • Maximizing use of the type-system
  • Turning programming problems into algebraic problems

Do you offer student discounts?

We do! If you email us proof of your student status (e.g. scan of ID card) we will give you a 50% discount off of the individual plan.

Can I suggest a topic?

Sure thing! Send us an email.

Who are you?

We’re Brandon Williams and Stephen Celis. We’ve been in the iOS and Swift communities for a long time, and have collectively given lots of talks on various topics. Check out some of our talks here: