A new Swift video series exploring functional programming and more.

#7 • Monday Mar 12, 2018 • Subscriber-only

Setters and Key Paths

This week we explore how functional setters can be used with the types we build and use everyday. It turns out that Swift generates a whole set of functional setters for you to use, but it can be hard to see just how powerful they are without a little help.

#6 • Monday Mar 5, 2018 • Subscriber-only

Functional Setters

The programs we write can be reduced to transforming data from one form into another. We’re used to transforming this data imperatively, with setters. There’s a strange world of composition hiding here in plain sight, and it has a surprising link to a familiar functional friend.

#5 • Monday Feb 26, 2018 • Subscriber-only

Higher-Order Functions

Most of the time we interact with code we did not write, and it doesn’t always play nicely with the types of compositions we have developed in previous episodes. We explore how higher-order functions can help unlock even more composability in our everyday code.

#4 • Monday Feb 19, 2018 • Subscriber-only

Algebraic Data Types

What does the Swift type system have to do with algebra? A lot! We’ll begin to explore this correspondence and see how it can help lead us to better everyday code.

#3 • Monday Feb 12, 2018 • Subscriber-only

UIKit Styling with Functions

We bring tools from previous episodes down to earth and apply them to an everyday task: UIKit styling. Plain functions unlock worlds of composability and reusability in styling of UI components. Have we finally solved the styling problem?

#2 • Monday Feb 5, 2018 • Subscriber-only

Side Effects

Side effects: can’t live with ’em; can’t write a program without ’em. Let’s explore a few kinds of side effects we encounter every day, why they make code difficult to reason about and test, and how we can control them without losing composition.

#1 • Monday Jan 29, 2018


Our first episode is all about functions! We talk a bit about what makes functions special, contrasting them with the way we usually write code, and have some exploratory discussions about operators and composition.

#0 • Monday Jan 29, 2018

We launched!

Point-Free is here, bringing you videos covering functional programming concepts using the Swift language. Take a moment to hear from the hosts about what to expect from this new series.

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