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Episode 282 • Jun 3, 2024

We finish building a modern UIKit application with brand new state-driven tools, including a complex collection view that can navigate to two child features. And we will see that, thanks to our back-port of Swift’s observation tools, we will be able to deploy our app all the way back to iOS 13.

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Episode 281 • May 27, 2024

As we approach WWDC24 and 5 years of SwiftUI, let’s talk about… UIKit! 😜 We love SwiftUI, but there will still be times you must drop down to UIKit, and so we want to show what modern UIKit development can look like if you put in a little bit of effort to build tools that allow you to model your domains as concisely as possible.

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Episode 280 • May 20, 2024

We conclude the series by stretching our use of the @Shared property wrapper in isowords to two more features: saved games and user defaults. In the process we’ll eliminate hundreds of lines of boilerplate and some truly gnarly code.

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Episode 287 • Jul 15, 2024

We have now implemented tree-based navigation in UIKit, driven by the Observation framework, but there is another form of navigation to think about: stack-based navigation, where you drive your navigation from a flat collection of states rather than a heavily-nested type. Let’s leverage Observation to build a really nice tool for stack-based navigation.

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Episode 286 • Jul 8, 2024

While SwiftUI bindings were almost the perfect tool for UIKit navigation, they unfortunately hide some crucial information that we need to build out our tools. But never fear, we can rebuild them from scratch! Let’s build @Binding and @Bindable from scratch to see how they work, and we will use them to drive concise, tree-based navigation using enums.

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Episode 285 • Jul 1, 2024

We have built the foundation of powerful new UIKit navigation tools, but they’re not quite finished. Let’s improve these APIs to handle dismissal by leveraging another SwiftUI tool: bindings. We will see how SwiftUI bindings are (almost) the perfect tool for UIKit navigation, and we will see where they fall short.

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SwiftUI is Apple’s declarative successor to UIKit and AppKit, and provides a wonderful set of tools for building applications quickly and effectively. It also provides a wonderful opportunity to explore problems around architecture and composition.

37 episodes 23 hr 50 min

Composable Architecture


Architecture is a tough problem and there’s no shortage of articles, videos and open source projects attempting to solve the problem once and for all. In this collection we systematically develop an architecture from first principles, with an eye on building something that is composable, modular, testable, and more.

92 episodes 58 hr 30 min



Swift has many tools for concurrency, including threads, operation queues, dispatch queues, Combine and now first class tools built directly into the language. We start from the beginning to understand what the past tools excelled at and where they faultered in order to see why the new tools are so incredible.

12 episodes 9 hr 3 min

Are mocks bad?

You may have heard that “mocks are bad” and that they cause you to test the mock rather than your application’s actual feature. That doesn’t have to be the case. It is totally fine to mock a dependency to a system that you do not control, such as the file system. You do not need to test that saving and loading with that dependency works (after all, that’s the mocked behavior!), but you should test how your application behaves when it tries to load or save data. For example, is data saved after each change to your app’s data? Or, if loading data throws an error, do you show an alert to the user?

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How should you perform async work in a non-async context?

We often need to perform async work when there is no async context, such as in SwiftUI button action closures. In such cases it seems that you have no choice but to spin up an unstructured Task, but you may have heard that doing so it bad. So what are you to do? Well, there is an easy answer…

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Tree-based vs stack-based Navigation

In this clip from our livestream we discuss the differences between tree-based and stack-based navigation. In the former, each feature defines an enum of destinations that can be navigated to, forming a tree-like structure, and in the latter all destinations are collected at the root feature and represented by a flat array.

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What people are saying


After diving into @pointfreeco series reading Real World Haskell doesn’t seem all that intimidating after all. Major takeaway: the lesser is word “monad” is mentioned the better 😅

Ferran Pujol Camins

Through videos you constantly introduce ideas and patterns only to later reformulate them into more general ideas. This is awesome and helped me understand a lot of programming concepts. Well done!

Maxim Smirnov

The best thing, that happened to me for a while. @mbrandonw and @stephencelis really provide a lot of new information according to #ios development and #functionalprogramming. All info could be used in real production without boring academics.

Oscar Alvarez

So many concepts presented at #WWDC19 reminded me of @pointfreeco video series. 👏👏 So happy I watched it before coming to San Jose.

Rajiv Jhoomuck

@pointfreeco ❤️: Thank you! 🧠: … The brain can’t say anything. It is blown away (🤯)!

Boris Bielik

This is surely one of the best shows for Swift folks out there! The content and explanation is at a really high bar!

Christina Lee

I listened to the first two episodes of @pointfreeco this weekend and it was the best presentation of FP fundamentals I've seen. Very thoughtful layout and progression of the material and motivations behind each introduced concept. Looking forward to watching the rest!

Ferran Pujol Camins

Their content pushes the boundary of my knowledge, and it's fun to watch!

Mike Abidakun

Every episode has been amazing on Pointfree, yet somehow, you've managed to make these Parser combinator episodes even better!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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