Section • 3 episodes • 2 hr 33 min

There’s a lot of great material in the community covering almost every aspect of the Combine framework, but sadly Combine’s Scheduler protocol hasn’t gotten much attention. It’s a pretty mysterious protocol, and Apple does not provide much documentation about it, but it is incredibly powerful and can allow one to test how time flows through complex publishers.

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In the last part of our four-part tour of the Composable Architecture we demonstrate how to use the TestScheduler developed in this section to test a complex effect in a precise way.

A Tour of the Composable Architecture: Part 4
32 min

Combine schedulers turn out to be the perfect tool for animating asynchronous effects. In this series of episodes we introduce an “animated” scheduler that solves a real problem in the Composable Architecture and improves the ergonomics of scheduling animations in vanilla SwiftUI.

2 hr 8 min