Section • 2 episodes • 1 hr 3 min

We provided a short, succinct, two part introduction to the basics of Combine so that we could leverage Combine to power the effects in the Composable Architecture. We discuss Combine’s core concepts, such as publishers and subscribers, from first principles and show how they compare to concepts we’ve covered previously on Point-Free.

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We developed our own custom reactive type from first principles to model effects in the Composable Architecture, which we then later refactored to take advantage of Combine.

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Effectful State Management: Unidirectional Effects
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Effectful State Management: Asynchronous Effects
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Where to go from here

At its core, Combine defines 3 main concepts: publishers, subscribers and schedulers. We covered the first two topics in the introduction, and next we cover the topic of schedulers in depth and from first principles.