Follow along with the newest Point-Free episodes using your favorite podcast app. We now support podcast-friendly RSS feeds for viewing all of our videos.

We hope that everyone has enjoyed watching episodes on the Point-Free website, but we understand that watching long-form videos in a browser is not always ideal. That’s why today we are excited to announce that we are supporting podcast-friendly RSS feeds so that viewers can watch along in their favorite podcast app!

Public Episodes Feed

We have one feed that is open to the public, and you can find it here. Plug that into any podcast app and you should have up-to-date access to all of our videos. You will get access to full videos of all our free episodes (currently 9 of em) and trailers for the subscriber-only episodes. If you find any of our content enticing, then you may want to consider a subscription 😃.

Private Episode Feed

If you are a subscriber, then we have one more additional RSS feed for you, and you’ll find it on your account page. This gives you full access to every episode on Point-Free as they are released. We ask that you please do not share this URL with anyone, as it is private and tied directly to your account.


Since the time we launched this feature we have changed this slightly. Only yearly subscribers get access to the entire catalogue of episodes in their podcast RSS feed, and monthly subscribers get access to the last 4 episodes.

Functional Programming Everywhere

We hope that this feature allows our viewers to more freely view our videos in a manner that suits them best. We have even more features coming in the future for viewing our videos, but more on that later…


Hey, did you know that the entire codebase that runs this site is written in Swift and open source? That means you can actually see the work that went into building this feature (here and here). Everything from routing and rendering the RSS feed, to protecting the private feeds with encryption and unit testing the whole feature. We hope you find it interesting!

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