We are making our 4-part series “Shared State in Practice” free for everyone to watch! See how we can use the new @Shared property wrapper to massively simplify two different, real world code bases.

One month ago we released a powerful set of state sharing tools for the Composable Architecture. The tools allow you to share state amongst many features so that when one features makes a change to the state, all other features can instantly see those changes. And we even made it possible to persist shared state to external systems, such as user defaults, the file system, and potentially more systems such as SQLite, etc.

And amazingly we were able to accomplish all of this while still embracing value types as much as possible, and allowing us to exhaustively test how shared state changes in our features. If you are interested in learning how those tools were built you can watch all 9 episodes here.

But, if you are first interested in learning how to best use these tools, then today we are excited to make our 4-part series “Shared State in Practice” free for everyone! In these episodes we analyze two different real world applications, and show how we can delete hundreds of lines of code and minimize indirection, all thanks to the new @Shared property wrapper.

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