A new Swift video series exploring functional programming and more.

#3 • Monday Feb 12, 2018 • Subscriber-only

UIKit Styling with Functions

We bring tools from previous episodes down to earth and apply them to an everyday task: UIKit styling. Plain functions unlock worlds of composability and reusability in styling of UI components. Have we finally solved the styling problem?

#2 • Monday Feb 5, 2018 • Subscriber-only

Side Effects

Side effects: can’t live with ’em; can’t write a program without ’em. Let’s explore a few kinds of side effects we encounter every day, why they make code difficult to reason about and test, and how we can control them without losing composition.

#1 • Monday Jan 29, 2018


Our first episode is all about functions! We talk a bit about what makes functions special, contrasting them with the way we usually write code, and have some exploratory discussions about operators and composition.

#0 • Monday Jan 29, 2018

We launched!

Point-Free is here, bringing you videos covering functional programming concepts using the Swift language. Take a moment to hear from the hosts about what to expect from this new series.

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