Modern UIKit: Unified Navigation

Episode #285 • Jul 1, 2024 • Subscriber-Only

We have built the foundation of powerful new UIKit navigation tools, but they’re not quite finished. Let’s improve these APIs to handle dismissal by leveraging another SwiftUI tool: bindings. We will see how SwiftUI bindings are (almost) the perfect tool for UIKit navigation, and we will see where they fall short.

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Modern UIKit: Unified Navigation
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So we have now taken a huge step towards making a generic, reusable navigation helper for UIKit. This little helper could even be extracted out into a library and imported into any project that wants a powerful navigation tool for UIKit.


However, there is still one big problem with the tool, and that is we are not properly detecting when the controller is dismissed by the user, such as swiping down on a sheet. We need to detect that situation so that we can update the state in the model so that our model and UI can remain consistent.

Let’s give that a shot.




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