Shared State: The Solution, Part 2

Episode #270 • Mar 11, 2024 • Subscriber-Only

We finish building a complex, flow-based case study that leverages the new @Shared property wrapper. Along the way we will flex recently added superpowers of the library, and we will experience firsthand how simple this new model of shared state can be.

The Solution, Part 2
Adding another step to the flow
Adding another step
One final touch
Next time: Testing

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Stephen: We now have some basic infrastructure in place for our sign up flow. We have a root navigation stack, and we have the ability to drill-down to the first screen of the flow. Pretty simple so far, but we did get to demo a fun new superpower of the @Reducer macro, which is that it generates all of the boilerplate necessary to model an enum of features, which is common for navigation stacks and tree-based navigation.

Brandon: Let’s keep going. Let’s add the second step to the sign up flow, and this will make us come face-to-face with sharing data between features.

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