Point-Free Live: Observation in Practice

Episode #267 • Feb 19, 2024 • Subscriber-Only

To celebrate our 6th anniversary we had another livestream! We updated an app from the most recent Composable Architecture tour to the latest observation tools, showed how these tools can improve UIKit-based apps, showed off some recent enhancements to the @Reducer macro, gave a sneak peek of a highly anticipated topic, and answered your questions along the way.

Observation in Practice
Observable SyncUps
Observable UIKit
Live release of @Reducer macro superpowers
Enum reducers
Sneak peek: Shared state

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Brandon: All right. We are live and I hope everyone can hear us. Thanks everyone for being patient with our delays. We’re supposed to do this last Monday, but Stephen, you want to update us on what went down?

Stephen: Yeah, I, I lost power for quite a few days, but I have power now, thankfully. And it’s been now, I think a whole year since our last stream and we’re pretty excited about it and future streams.

And just so all of our viewers know, we have a Q and A that we’re going to be answering questions from throughout the stream. And so you can just kind of tab over to the ask button in chat. there’s already a few in there and you can vote on existing questions that you want answers to. Yep. And we’ll just be answering them throughout the stream.

we also have a few topics that we’re excited to talk about that don’t really fit in episodes. we just have a bunch of topics that we want to make episodes. It’s on and sometimes it’s difficult to fit it all into that weekly schedule that we have. so we would need to start releasing multiple episodes a week to cover everything and we just don’t have the bandwidth for that yet.

Brandon: No, no, we don’t. And so we’re going to start by discussing the latest release of TCA that the one that brought all those observation tools to the library and we’re going to show off those tools by refactoring One of those complex demos that comes with the library, that, that SyncUps app that we had ported from Apple’s ScrumDinger, and we’re going to convert it from the old style to the new style.

Stephen: And that’ll be fun, but then we’re going to demo a tool that came out with observation that we didn’t really have time to cover in episodes, and it makes it possible to use Swift’s new observation tools in UIKit, which is pretty amazing.

Brandon: Yep. And, then we’re going to live release. It’s a brand new version of the library that brings all new superpowers to the Reducer macro.

And this is something brand new we haven’t shown anyone yet.

Stephen: Nope. And if you like to model your navigation as enums, you’re definitely going to want to see this.

Brandon: Yep. And then finally, we’re going to just give a very quick demo of the next big feature coming to the Composable Architecture. And it’s going to be the topic of the next series of episodes.

And it is going to address probably the number one question people ask when they’re writing features in the library. And in fact, Just in the past week, we’ve probably seen this question pop up maybe five or six times, and we’re going to attack it, and it is going to be, the solution was far better than we even thought was possible, like we kind of sat down to solve it, and then things just kind of kept on coming out of it, and it was very exciting.

Stephen: Yep, absolutely. And, of course, all of our viewers, feel free to ask questions at any time, and we’ll try to answer as many as possible. I think last time we answered 18 out of over 120 questions, and so we’ll see what we get to this time.

Brandon: Yeah, hopefully we do more. Alright, so I’m gonna kick things off with, the observation tools.

hopefully our Video is still going through. Well, it looks like I can see from the chat.

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