Composable Stacks: Multiple Layers

Episode #232 • Apr 24, 2023 • Subscriber-Only

We enhance our navigation stack with a bit more complexity by adding the ability to drill down multiple layers in multiple ways: using the new navigation link API, and programmatically. We also prepare a new feature to add to the stack.

Multiple Layers
Drilling down more layers
Number fact feature
Multiple destinations

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Stephen: OK, so things are looking pretty great. We now have the beginnings of a stack-based navigation system in a little toy application. We can drill down to a feature, interact with that feature, and then pop back. And most importantly the feature we drill down to is a fully self-contained Composable Architecture feature that manages its own effects, but at the same time the parent can listen for anything happening inside the child.

Brandon: Yeah, and we’re going to need that functionality now because although what we have done so far is looking good, we also can only drill down a single layer. How can we allow drilling down to more layers?

Let’s check that out.

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Composable navigation beta GitHub discussion

Brandon Williams & Stephen Celis • Monday Feb 27, 2023

In conjunction with the release of episode #224 we also released a beta preview of the navigation tools coming to the Composable Architecture.