Reducer Protocol: Dependencies, Part 2

Episode #206 • Sep 26, 2022 • Subscriber-Only

We now have a SwiftUI-inspired system for plucking dependencies out of thin air to provide them to reducers, but we can’t control them or separate interface from implementation. Once we do, we’ll have something far better than ever before.

Dependencies, Part 2
Overriding dependencies
Override order and performance
Next time: testing

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There’s one last feature of our dependencies that we previously mentioned but haven’t yet implemented. And that’s the ability to override dependencies for a specific reducer. We previously alluded that this can be powerful for overriding dependencies for a child feature in order to alter the environment it operates in, such as onboarding experiences. This is definitely true, and can be incredibly powerful, but we can also see a simpler use case for this functionality in the code we’ve already written.

A moment ago when we were deleting all the initializing code of our reducers to no longer pass in dependencies, we removed the ability to pass special dependencies to the reducer for previews.

Let’s take a look at that.

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