SwiftUI Navigation: Links, Part 2

Episode #166 • Nov 1, 2021 • Subscriber-Only

Let’s explore “tag” and “selection”-based navigation links in SwiftUI. What are they for and how do they compare with the link and link helpers we’ve used so far? We will then take a step back to compare links with all of the other forms of navigation out there and propose a “Grand Unified Theory of Navigation.”

Links, Part 2
Tag and selection-based links
The Grand Unified Theory of SwiftUI Navigation
Testing the edit feature
Next time: adding behavior to the item view

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So, we’ve now cooked up a new initializer on NavigationLink that brings it more in line with how sheets and popovers work. You just hand it a binding of an optional, and when that binding flips to something non-nil the binding is transformed into a binding of an honest value, and that binding is handed to your destination so that it can do whatever it wants with it. It’s pretty cool that all of these seemingly disparate kinds of navigation are really just all driven off the same concept, which is optional state, or more generally enums.

However, there’s another initializer on NavigationLink that is quite different from any of the other ones. We’ve already seen the fire-and-forget initializer, the boolean binding initializer, and then we just cooked up an optional binding initializer, but this other one takes two pieces of information: something called a “tag” and something called a “selection.”

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