Async Refreshable: SwiftUI

Episode #153 • Jul 19, 2021 • Subscriber-Only

Let’s take a look at the new refreshable API in SwiftUI. We will explore how to add it to a feature, how it depends on Swift’s new async/await tools, and how to introduce cancellation.

The refreshable API
Cancelling async tasks
Testing asynchronous code
Next time: refreshing the Composable Architecture

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It has now been over a month since WWDC ended where a ton of new interesting technologies were introduced. Perhaps the most exciting is Swift’s new concurrency model, where the lightweight syntax of async/await coupled with the actor model can help give us very strong guarantees on how asynchronous code executes in our programs. We are going to have a lot to say about these tools someday in the future on Point-Free, but this week we want to start by focusing on some simpler things.

We got a lot of questions from viewers on how certain new, shiny features of SwiftUI fit into the Composable Architecture, and we want to take a moment to explore some of these new APIs. This gives us an opportunity to show of a few fun things:

  • First, we get to make use of the new fancy SwiftUI APIs in the Composable Architecture, which is a library we like to use to build large, complex applications.
  • Further, we get to explore ways to make these new APIs more testable. Testing is a huge part of the Composable Architecture, perhaps one of the most important parts, and so whenever we adopt a new SwiftUI feature we like to make sure we are not sacrificing testability.
  • And finally, we get to show one of the core tenets of how we design the Composable Architecture, which is to make the library as extensible as possible from the outside. Ideally no changes need to be made to the core library to embrace these new APIs, which means the community can step up if we don’t as library maintainers.

We are going to explore these topics in the context of three specific SwiftUI features that were announced at WWDC: the .refreshable view modifier that allows you to add pull-to-refresh to any view, the @FocusState property wrapper that allows you to control the focus of controls, and the .searchable API that allows you to layer on search onto any SwiftUI view. All of these features are powerful, but it’s not immediately clear how to take advantage of them in the Composable Architecture.

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