Tour of the Composable Architecture: Navigation

Episode #245 • Aug 14, 2023 • Subscriber-Only

With the standups list and standup form features ready, it’s time to integrate them together using the Composable Architecture’s navigation tools. We will make it so you can add and edit standups via a sheet, and write comprehensive unit tests for this integration.

Adding a standup
Scrumdinger retrospective
Testing the standups list
Viewing and editing a standup
Next time: Navigating to the detail

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Stephen: And this tool really is thanks to the fact that we are using value types for our domain. If we were using reference types this just would not be possible because we couldn’t capture a copy of state before running the action, and then compare to state after running the action.

OK, so this is all looking great. There are probably a few more tests that could be written, but let’s start moving onto more exciting things.

Brandon: Right now we have two features built in the Composable Architecture, the standups list and the standup form, and they are supposed to be intimately related. We are supposed to be able to present the form view from the list view in a sheet when the “Add” button is tapped, and then further facilitate communication between these features to add a standup to the root list.

Let’s start doing that work, and get our first peek into what navigation looks like in the Composable Architecture.

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